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General orthopaedic trauma app for fracture identification, classification, and management

Overall: 3+
Functionality: 3+
Coolness: 3

OrthoFlow is the first app created by MediFlow and is designed to be “your orthopaedic specialist in your pocket.”  The app has a familiar user interface which includes a skeleton for selecting a region of injury, followed by a series of lists to select the specific bone and fracture of interest.  Most fractures include a few basic questions such as the location, whether it is intra-articular, and displacement after which the app suggests operative fixation or non-operative treatment.  One of the most useful features is the “What to know for trauma meeting” which includes a high-yield and well-organized description of the anatomy, associated injuries, imaging findings, classification systems, management, surgical approaches, complications, and eponyms for the particular fracture.  The purpose is to help prepare a junior resident or medical student at morning conference.   The information provided on each topic appears to be accurate, if not somewhat generalized, for each fracture.  Classification systems are often accompanied by sketch images which I found very appealing.  Some aspects of the user interface require improvement, such as a “home” button while buried deep within in the “trauma meeting” menus.  Overall, I think the app is a very good start towards a useful trauma handbook for students and junior residents.  Since this is the first version, I anticipate that the app will only improve in functionality over time.

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