SS Carpal Tunnel

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Explanation and information about limited open carpal tunnel syndrome

Overall: 4
Functionality: 5
Coolness: 4

This app, created by Surgery Squad, is a cute and useful educational tool for educating patients about carpal tunnel syndrome.  Unfortunately, the information in the app is not all entirely accurate as it draws a very strong link between computer use and carpal tunnel syndrome and suggests that release of transverse carpal ligament alleviates all “inflammation” of the median nerve.  Using cartoon-like graphics and user interaction, the app asks you to “perform” the procedure through the various steps of a standard carpal tunnel utilizing a carpal tunnel-tome.  The steps are overall reasonable, but obviously reflect the specific preferences of the design surgeons, such as use of non-absorbable sutures and a post-operative splint with return to activity in 4-6 weeks.   Overall, this may be a useful app to recommend to patients considering a carpal tunnel release, especially if the technique closely matches your own.

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