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A unified repository of surgical implants, technique guides, comparisons, and unpackaging videos.

Overall: 4
Functionality: 4+
Coolness: 4+

With so many orthopedic implant companies and device options, I am amazed it has taken so long for someone to create a central educational repository.  MedTools is attempting to do just that in the form of both a website and app.  The app itself is well organized with a side-bar menu organized by body part, and sub-menus organized by implant type.  For a generic implant type (ex: Volar Distal Radius Plates, or Total Knee Arthroplasty), the user can quickly see a collection of all available companies and device offerings.  In some cases (total joint arthroplasty) this can include well over 20 different implants from more than 10 companies.  Users can then select a specific implant to obtain product information such as technique guides, reference charts, and photographs of the surgical tray to help familiarize one’s self with the instrumentation.  The app and website have also started video taping “unboxing” of specific devices to ensure that surgeons and their operative staff are prepared and familiar with devices they plan to use.

Overall, this app seems to have been a long-time coming and reflects a significant investment in work and time.  I anticipate the breadth of implants will grow significantly in the near future, which should greatly increase its value and overall utility to surgeons.

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