My Knee Injury

Mar 31, 2016   //   by Orrin Franko   //   All Apps, Clinical, General Ortho, iPad Apps, iPhone Apps, Patients, Products, Recent Reviews  //  Comments Off on My Knee Injury

A patient-focused app on knee pain and exercises

Overall: 2
Functionality: 2
Coolness: 1

MyKneeInjury appears to be focused towards patients with knee pain, and includes an aspect of product sales suggesting it may be commercially motivated.  The app is organized in 12 icon tiles with titles such as “identify injury,” “treatment,” and “flexibility.”  When selecting on injury identification, for example, the user is given the option to select the area of pain (front, inside, outside, back) with each topic describing a generic clinical vignette suggestive of a specific diagnosis.  As all medical providers know, diagnosing knee complaints is certainly not as easy as “picking from a list,” questioning the apps intention.  Once a diagnosis is selected, general information is presented about the injury, general treatment and healing time information, and a link to useful products for sale from a medical distributor.  I suspect this may reflect the app’s true objective.  Overall, I believe the app’s utility is minimal and is unlikely to significantly assist patients who need any more than the description for a few stretches and exercises.

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