FAQ & Tips

Frequently Asked Questions:

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1) Should I get an iPad?

Answer: Probably.  No other device has been so quickly absorbed and integrated in every aspect of life, including media, communication, business, medicine, news, entertainment, etc.  Most people think iPads are just toys used for watching movies on airplanes and playing Angry Birds on the bus.  But, if you’re willing to explore the apps store, read a few blogs, and download some of the apps I have suggested on this site, I think you will realize the iPad is an educational, social, and professional tool that has features unmatched by any other computer, phone, or tablet on the market.  (Please note I have no stock in Apple and receive no benefit from sales of the iPad device).

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2) What phone do you use?  What apps do you use?

Answer: iPhone 5S.  The apps I use daily are: Fantastical 2 (Calendar),  SugarSync, and Ortho Traumapedia.  Other apps that I find useful include Google Translate, BoneFeed, AO Surgery Reference.  The remainder of the apps recommended on this website I use less frequently, but are of great value when I need them.

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3) Does the “cloud” concern you with regard to data security or location tracking?

Answer: No. I am not a wireless security expert, but I do not see how encrypted bytes of data flying through space puts me at greater risk than credit cards that are left on my doorstep in the mail, checks that I freely write and hand to strangers (with my address, bank account number, and signature on them), or multitude of individuals who see me walk from work to home in my scrubs and with my hospital ID clearly identifying myself as a surgeon.  In other words, I’m sure people get hacked and identities are stolen online, but people also get robbed at gunpoint and homes are burgled.  If I accept the risks of living in reality, then I certainly accept the risks of living digitally.

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4) Do you do anything to minimize the risk of data theft/loss online?

Answer: Of course. My computer files (research data, personal photos, videos, passwords, etc.) are of incredible value to me.  I back-up all my files on multiple computers, multiple external hard drives, and using the best online data backup site I have found: SugarSync.  Using SugarSync (or any of their competitors) all 5 of the computers in my house (my wife’s and mine) automatically synchronize their data in real time so that if any one computer crashes, not even 1 byte of data is ever lost.  And, even if all 5 computers simultaneously fail, SugarSync backs up all of our data in the “cloud.”  SugarSync has many other great features that you can read about in my review of their app.  Lastly, always be sure to use strong passwords (varying letters, numerals, and symbols).